3DR Solo vs Upair One

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Basic info
Weight3.3 lb3.0 lb
Flight time20 min18 min
Range1000 m500 m
Top speed55 mph27 mph
Video 720p
Video 1080p
Video 2.7K
Video 4K
Video 5.2K
Megapixels -16 MP
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Comparison of 3DR Solo vs Upair One

The 3DR Solo is heavier with a weight of 3.3 lb (Upair One weights 3.0 lb) and the 3DR Solo has a longer maximum flight time of 20 min (Upair One can fly up to 18 min). The 3DR Solo has a range of 1000 m, whereas the Upair One has a range of 500 m, the 3DR Solo and the Upair One reach the speed of 55 mph and 27 mph respectively, and finally both drones do have a gimbal.

The 3DR Solo has the return-home functionality, it has the ORBIT function, the 3DR Solo does have the WAYPOINT, and has the FOLLOW-ME function, that makes it possible for the drone to follow you with a simple button. The Upair One doesn't have the return-home functionality, it doesn't have the ORBIT function, the Upair One doesn't have the WAYPOINT, and doesn't have the FOLLOW-ME function.